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Thread: The Real World goes to Austin

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    The Real World goes to Austin


    NEW YORK (AP) -- Dude! MTV's "The Real World" is headed to Austin, Texas.

    "We've been thinking about Austin for a long time," co-creator and executive producer Jon Murray told The Associated Press Wednesday. "It's a great college town. It's a great music town. It's just a really young place. People go to college there and just don't want to leave."

    The show brings together seven strangers between the ages of 18 and 24 to live in a swanky loft or house and films them around the clock, at home and on the town.

    The 16th season's seven cast members will start getting real in the Lone Star state early next year. The 24 episodes will begin airing in June.

    Murray said Austin has long topped his list of places to strand the strangers. Other contenders included Washington, Atlanta, Denver, "somewhere in Montana" and Sydney, Australia.

    "Austin has a small-town feel, but it has a lot of things going for it in terms of diversity and entertainment that make it feel metropolitan," Murray said.

    Mayor Will Wynn said he's been "sworn to secrecy" about "The Real World" address.

    "They were excited about coming to Austin and asked my help in understanding a little more about the city," Wynn said.

    Murray also wouldn't say where the house is, and he was tightlipped on the identities of the seven strangers, though he said his casting staff did "a bit of an outreach to people returning from Iraq."

    "We always look for a diverse cast," Murray told the AP. "The idea of someone who was in Iraq, well, that would certainly meet that criteria. Ultimately, we choose from people who apply."

    Murray promised "The Real World" homestead in Austin would be just as unique and palatial as the pier in Seattle, the loft in New York, the mansion in New Orleans and the former bank in Philadelphia, the location of the latest season. There will be a hot tub, some antiques and maybe even some neon or cowboy kitsch from local stores. But don't expect a horse.

    "In the past 16 seasons, the cast haven't done a good job taking care of fish so I don't know about a horse," said Murray.

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    They said Philadelphia was supposed to be the best season ever. Also, wasn't the sixteenth season supposed to be held in Atlanta [Georgia]?

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    It was just a matter of time before they went to Texas. I was thinking Houston though.

    Atlanta sounds good for another season.

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    Austin is a party town! There are a lot of young people (college crowd) & it's got a great live music scene, but it's laid back at the same time. It's a great choice for a show like Real World.

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    I love The Real World.. This season is pretty good but Back To New York was my favorite.

    I'm very excited about TRW going to Texas!! That will be exciting I'm sure!

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    Love Austin!!! This will be a great show I'm sure
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    I hope the people in Austin are more friendly than those in San Diego and Philly.

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    That should be good! They haven't really done any southern cities - except New Orleans but Texas should be cool. I've heard austin is a really cool city.

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    I stopped watching Philly, but I think I'll give Austin a chance. I'm going to at least watch three episodes. Has anyone seen any pics of the house?
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    I hope Austin is ALOT better then Philly!! I miss SD that was the best season! <33

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