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Thread: The Real World goes to Austin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burntcrow
    The little real world buggers are always on campus so I have heard. I have never seen them myself, which is a good thing.

    I saw them filming at Eeyore's Birthday party (big hippy party in the park on the last weekend in April). Hard to miss with the boom-mike and 10 or so people following them around. There were two or three girls there from the show. I tried to get a friend of mine to go up and hit on them for fun, but he wouldnt do it!

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    A special cast introduction is on tonight at 10:30PM EST.

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    WOW....this season looks very interesting........WTH is up with Danny and the crying and the hospital? And who's brain scan did they keep showing??? I may actually have to make sure I watch each episode of this season....I usually catch all my episodes as repeats because I never can remember what night the actual show comes on.........
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    For the people that watched the preview tonight on Austin, did anyone notice when MJ did a confessional before a commerical break? His face looked so swollen! His right eyelid was drooping down, and his left bottom lip was so swollen! I wonder what happened?!?!

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    new york - loved it
    los angeles - pretty good
    san fransisco - My 2nd favourite season
    london - My Favourite Season.
    miami - okay
    boston - meh
    seattle - 3rd Favorite Season
    hawaii - very interesting
    new orleans - liked it
    new york - Liked it; Fun.
    chicago - blah
    las vegas - double blah
    paris - triple blah
    san diego - okay
    philadelphia - quadruple blah
    Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.

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    New York- I have the DVD, but haven't watched the whole season yet. I do like it though.
    Los Angeles- Didn't see
    San Francisco- Didn't see
    London- Didn't see, but I heard it was super boring.
    Miami- Didn't see
    Boston- Awesome
    Seattle- Awesome
    Hawaii- Good
    New Orleans- Okay
    Back to New York- My favorite season
    Chicago- Good
    Las Vegas- Crappy
    Paris- Worst season
    San Diego- Good
    Philadelphia- Crappy
    Austin- Hopefully good!

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    This season look as if it is going to be interesting.

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    the cast look so bland and boring, I hope I'm wrong though. The only one that seems interesting is Johanna.

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    I've read some spoilers on Danny, but I won't say it so I don't ruin he show for anyone, but I think he'll become my favorite in the entire cast. I'm neutral on Nehemiah and everyone else has annoyed me in the previews.

    But Danny seems like such a sweet, innocent teddy bear, he seems so huggable!

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    Favorites in order ...

    1. San Francisco. Smart, artsy people with depth (except for Jo).
    2. New York I. Great fights and interesting personalities.
    3. Seattle. Had the most real-life drama.
    4. London. Neil pretty much made the show.
    5. Paris. Eh ... except they were in Paris!
    6. Boston. The cliques and the job made for some good drama.
    7. New Orleans. Loved the quirky Melissa.
    8. New York II. Boring except for Coral.
    9. Chicago. Boring all the way around.
    10. Los Angeles. Hated it. Stupid people, awful city.
    11. Miami. Shallow, dull and self-absorbed cast.
    12. Hawaii. Split between moronic nude partiers and moronic nude "intellectuals."
    13. San Diego. Is it just me, or are these casts getting dumber?
    14. Philadelphia. Yep, definitely dumber.
    15. Las Vegas. The worst of the worst. Made me long for the mental stimulation of "Girls Gone Wild."
    16. Austin. One castmate says she has an insatiable sexual appetite. Hate it already. And yes, I'll watch every loathsome episode.
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