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Thread: The Real World goes to Austin

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    Oh! I'm so excited for these people! Austin is such an AWESOME city to live in! How fun!!!

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    From what I have heard this is supposed to be the cast of the next seaon of the real world in Austin, Texas:
    Alana, Andrew, Natalie, Logan, Nantai, Marquis, and Rebecca

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    I feel really old compared to you guys, the earlier seasons are what I thought were best. I give every season a chance and watch the first few episodes but if it doesn't catch my interest that's it. Here's how I rate them

    New York - OK, just getting started
    Los Angeles - Pretty good
    San Francisco - Absolute best, #1 season
    London - BORING!
    Miami - Awesome
    Boston - Ok
    Seattle - Ok
    Hawaii - Better
    New Orleans - Not bad, Melissa was a trip
    New York - Started going downhill
    Chicago - Can you say, sluts? Acting for the camera
    Las Vegas - More sluttiness, more acting
    Paris - Didn't really watch
    San Diego - I'm getting too old for this
    Philadelphia - Best season in awhile
    Austin - I'll give it a chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by alt1234
    From what I have heard this is supposed to be the cast of the next seaon of the real world in Austin, Texas:
    Alana, Andrew, Natalie, Logan, Nantai, Marquis, and Rebecca
    doooooood, not even close. Take a peek at my post #28.

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    I hope it will be a good one because I didn't hardly even watch the last one. I just couldn't get into it. Austin is a fun town and I imagine it will be good since there are lots of college kids there. I haven't been in about 10 years but I do remember 6th street. I would love to see how much it's changed.
    "You're gonna tip that boat over and wet my weave!" To Rome For Love on Bravo

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    RW/RR Fan
    I've enjoyed seeing which episodes people liked and didn't like. I'd like to see this "poll" continue. Here are my thoughts:

    new york - Liked it a lot; likeable characters.
    los angeles - Okay.
    san fransisco - No.
    london - Ick.
    miami - Fun. Dan cracked me up. (And the Flora vs. window episode? Too
    funny! Dan's comment: "I don't know what Flora and her breasts
    were thinking when she crawled through that window." ).
    boston - Decent.
    seattle - Kept my interest. Liked it.
    hawaii - Watching nudists & drunks is just not my thing. I must be so old now
    that I'm no longer in the MTV demographic.
    new orleans - Enjoyed it lots. Melissa had me ROTFL! Liked the people.
    new york - Liked it; Fun.
    chicago - Not really, no.
    las vegas - Debauchery exhibited by a bunch of lazy kids paid to live in a
    Vegas casino. Oh, now that's *real*.
    paris - Didn't hold my interest much.
    san diego - Nice; really enjoyed the personalities on that one.
    philadelphia - (And Shavonda was *such* an annoying hypocrite!)

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    The past couple of seasons after Las Vegas I have not liked. Hopefully this one will be good. My favorite season was Back to New York & Chicago.

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    I can't believe people actually liked Philadelphia. Worst season since Boston.

    I liked the earlier seasons of RW (Frisco, London, Miami) ... the people on there actually had other real life jobs/careers. They weren't all wanna-be Mtv psuedo-celebrities looking for airtime.

    I usually give every season 6-7 episodes to see how it will be. (Some seasons, like San Diego, take awhile to get interesting) So, I will try this year again.

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    I liked most seasons with the exception of snoozefest London and Paris, and the recent Philadelphia season. Without San Diego MTV would have laid a couple of duds with the last few editions.

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    I wonder if there's going to be a gay guy or a lesbian this season.

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