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Thread: The Real World Philadelphia Premieres September 7th

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rumpshaker
    I finally watched the last two episodes this morning and I'm totally sickened by Sarah's mother's comments about Sarah's weight. Sarah's mother absolutely repulses me and should have her parent-card revoked. What a monster! Now I realize why Sarah is the way she is .... thanks to her mom. I was already questioning what type of parents would buy their young daughter breast implants as a graduation gift, and now I know. They totally fit the mold. Disgusting! Shame on her dad for not stepping up and defending Sarah, or telling his wife to back off, and shame on Sarah's sister for getting in the middle of all that and spreading the bad news to create drama with Sarah. She's just as bad. I'm glad this stinker of a season is finally over (... er ... but, um, anyone know when the reunion show is?)
    yup! this tuesday, they showed the previews of it on MTV. Melanie hooks up with a girl, and Karamo and Willie had something going on, that's some of the clips they showed, that didn't make it on air.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphabet Soup
    okay, that's fine, im not trying to fight with you, but you say things, and im just like what?? like u want someone to punch them, and all that. It's crazy how you can dislike someone that much, yet you've never met them in person.
    No worries I'm not fighting with you either. However, that comment was sarcastic and is meant to taken as a joke. That's my sense of humor, so if you see comments like that from me, don't take it literally.

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    Okay, I just got caught up with this season over the weekend. I am totally disgusted with Sarah's mom. What was she thinking telling her already bulimic daughter that she had gained weight???????? Mom definitely should have known better. And why did the sister have to be the one to tell her that???? Is she that jealous of her sister that she wants her to be miserable???
    I can only please one person a day, today is not your day and tomorrow doesn't look good either

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