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Thread: The Real World Philadelphia Premieres September 7th

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    I must add, what was up with Shovanda's boyfriend. They don't look like a couple, and it isn't just because he's white and she is black.

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    What do you mean what is up with him? All we saw was a short clip of them walking together.

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    They just don't fit together. That's just my opinion.

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    I taped this last night which is why I didn't reply when I was on in the afternoon but I just watched the premiere and judging from the first episode I think we will get a lot of good crap this time around. My thoughts on the cast:
    Sarah- I have a feeling that she's going to annoy me, but she was okay in the premiere.
    MJ- He's hot, but we all know what happens with the hot boys who go on the Real World or Road Rules with a girlfriend (Brad, RW14; Patrick, RR13). That's right, their relationship ends and we get about five episodes leading up to the break-up. And then there's usually a jealous girl (Cameran in RW 14, but it looks like Sarah this time).
    Landon- Another hottie. Is it just me or do he and MJ look like brothers?
    Karamo (sp?)- I figured when I heard that one of the castmembers will come out of the closet, that it would be him just because I knew MJ and Landon didn't seem the type.
    Willie- He seems okay.
    Melanie- I think she's hated a lot later on in the series based on the "I don't wanna live with people who hate me!" comment in one of the promos.
    Shovanda- Looks like she and her boyfriend start having problems and she hooks up with Landon. Smart girl.

    Also, that's one awesome house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    I must add, what was up with Shovanda's boyfriend. They don't look like a couple, and it isn't just because he's white and she is black.

    I personally think it's because his nose looks like it will poke her eye out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockytop Chick
    MJ's hair bothers me and those eyebrows are creepy!!
    Yes!!! The eyebrows bother me!

    I don't know...MJ seems pretty cool, but just...one of those people. What's with liking only blondes? Landon seems a lot like MJ, but they just haven't really focused on him so much. Shovanda seems cool. I do like how she referred to the fact that MJ said he has a "kinda, sorta, not really" girlfriend. Willie seems funny. Sarah is a little much, but she's alright. Melanie...who??

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    I must add, what was up with Shovanda's boyfriend. They don't look like a couple, and it isn't just because he's white and she is black.
    Are you referring to the fact that he's incredibly homely and she's absolutely gorgeous????
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    I had to get a taste of Philly and WELL.... I may be coming back for seconds..... Actually hearing that theres GAY roomates gonna be on definately made me tune in the first place... But I think it was nice that MTV did not reveal who the other gay roomate was. Is it a guy or girl..... So both I my roomate and his friend were trying to guess who the other gay person was... We obviously zeroed in Willie... ..... But like everyone has already touched on/mentioned before me..... I would have not thought Karamo was gay roomate #2..... We were guessing Landon w/ his lingo talk about a relationship he had and we were also assuming Melanie could have been a candidate too but hearing Karamo revealing himself to Shavonda at the bar made me go WHOA! Okay.....
    I was getting turned off by MJ using the paraphrase "homosexuals".... sounds like he was talking down to us but he seems to be open to a certain extent.... I was wishin he say the word "GAY" <-----------
    But MJ & Landon oh yeah = A&F Models

    And Shavonda's BF = :phhht
    I know this pretty girl can do better....
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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    Karamo's gayness was totally out of no where, I was shocked.

    Melanie, I am convinced, lives in another house.

    MJ and Landon are the same person.

    That is my recap for this week.
    I totally agree!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amy Lee
    The reason why i didn't like Las vegas was because the level of seamyness. Im not particularly fond of it. Especially trishelle. Ick!
    It looks like we're in for a repeat with this cast. I don't get this forced sexuality. It's not hot, it's desperate and kind of creepy.
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