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Thread: RW/RR Challenge: Battle of the Sexes 2

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    I think it was a good challenge. I'm glad the guys won too. They definetly deserved it. This was the first challenge I saw, and it got me hooked. I can't wait to see Naughty vs. Nice.

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    I agree with what a lot of you have said. One of the most borning, if not the most boring, challenge to date.

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    ....i agree, the battle of the sexes 2 was just predictible. Reminds me of BOTS 1 how once again, the guys had a logical sense of voting peopel off, and the girls would cat fight and use emotions....

    I really wish that MTV woudl consider a Battle of the Seasons 2.
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    I would LOVE to see a BOTSEASONS 2, but too many older contestants have lives now and there haven't been fifteen seasons of Road Rules, so the shows' seasons would be uneven.

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    I would love a Battle of the Seasons myself, I really enjoyed that season.

    The only way I can see any of the veterans come back is if they increase the prize money. I mean 50-60 G (before tax too) per person? Not to mention the potential scrutiny you might get afterwards? Might as well stay back hom, enjoy the simple life, and forget about it.

    But if the cash prize was increased to maybe at 150,000 per person, I can see some willing to come back.

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    Well, hopefully the incentive of a free vacation will also help. BOTSeasons was a great show. It was nice to see people we rarely see (Cynthia; Genesis; Frank) in this challenge, even though it was my least favorite season.

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    Well, tomorrow is the reunion and intending will be: Dan, Theo, Eric, Mark, Brad, Miz, Veronica, Tonya, Tina, Sophia, Arissa, and Coral. It should be interesting.

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    I'm not big on the whole reality tv, but I really like this show. I watched one episode and was hooked. Mostly because of Veronica. She is so great. I can't belive there are people out there that don't like her. i think she is very competitive and should have been in the top 3. I can't wait to watch the reunion.

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    I was the same way with this show. I had seen earlier challenges (BOTSEASONS, BOTSEXES 1, etc) but The Gauntlet was what got me hooked. And the episode I saw Veronica kind of stood up for Sarah somewhat so I liked her.

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    I started watching before there was actual vote-offs.

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