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Thread: Road Rules X-Treme

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    I finally bit the bullet and watched Road Rules X-treme although I usually am not a fan of Road Rules,but I am so disgusted with the cast of Real World this year,I decided to give this a try,and I am glad that I did! I like these people a lot,but I wonder if the gay guy is gonna have a really hard time with these two walking testosterone slurpees...the girls are beautiful,especially the one who didn't want to get naked (name,anyone?). I think I am gonna stay tuned....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcorckles
    the girls are beautiful,especially the one who didn't want to get naked (name,anyone?).

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    Ibis is the best one there, IMO.

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    I like Ibis alot.. I like her attitude, and she looks pretty damn good too... the eyes stand out clearly, color contacts or real? I am sure no one knows for sure, but any guesses?

    I like most of the girls actually, they all seem like Decent people overall.. no real stand out "I am the bitch!" or "Come have sex with me!"/trishelle person.. and I like Derrick, he seems to be a real kid, and while he is a little quick to judge, I think thats realistic to how alot of people are... and he is already growing up as days go by... I don't particularly like Patrick, just overly confident, and preaches how he has this great girl that he wants to spend the rest of his life with, and then goes and screws it up over and over.. either he is being delusional, or just TRYING to push her buttons and see how far she will go... I suspect the latter in all honesty, and he jsut rides on the excuse, I can't help myself! Then Danny, he is alright, but he is just clearly gay and really flamboyant about it at times and other times not.. while they could really get someone REALLY flamboyant about it, (that person would drive me INSANE, I hate those kinds of peoples) he does his part to show not all Gay guys are just like, "Like, lets do a make over!" so he is kind of indifferent to me at this point... But what I like about Danny is he can control himself.. Unlike patrick who supposedly can't.. Danny can't be all over the guys because not only would it be just like if Patrick was to get with one of the girls and make it awkward for everyone else, it'd be awkward between them because they are NOT gay...
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    Ibis writes more about the episodes at mtv.com just go to where it says IBIS' EXPOSED or something like that. She hasn't gotten episode three up yet, but I'm sure she's working on it.

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    it seems they are a little behind with the updating.

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    Yeah,Ibis..I think she's really pretty. I'm pretty sure those aren't contacts.

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    So what do y'all think about the next mission? I think they'll fail because of Danny.

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    Jodi and Kina are knockouts.

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    I finally saw a promo for RR last night when I flipped there while music videos were on... Basically the whole promo was of Ibis, Jodi, and Danny about to throw up... Danny gets up, throws his napkin down and yells, "I HATE THIS STUPID F**KING MISSION!" and I think he might leave the room.

    Anyway, I'll be taping this so I can watch that top forty countdown on VH1.

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