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Thread: Road Rules X-Treme

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    I think they need to get as much sweat as possible maybe into a container?

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    Well it looks as if they'll be using a metal spatula rather than towels, so I'm sure it's not just wiping off sweat. I also think they must achieve a certain amount of sweat within an alotted amount of time.

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    ... and then after they wipe all the sweat off, they all have to drink it!


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    Quote Originally Posted by SwiffyPortillo
    ... and then after they wipe all the sweat off, they all have to drink it!


    No wonder Angela isn't co-operaating in this mission.

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    I like X-treme like so much better than the other seasons, I guess im more of a challenge person. but the last mission with the sweat was gross. the next one, RR 12ers are comin back! LOL this will be interestin! and geez isnt patrick the ladie's man, did u see Jillian's face when that girl was like "Me and Patrick are Flirtin!" lol!! I sorta like Jillian, other than the fact shes a S lut lol she seems nice, in a s lutty way.

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    I don't like Angela. Generally, I don't like people that make face-value judgements. Jillian seems nice, although I do question her actions. I'm betting her and Patrick won't last til the end of the season. The only girl I liked was Ibis, but she's gone.

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    I can see where Angela is comin from but geeeez get over it girlfriend :rolleyes

    She kept sayin Jillian this Jillian that..... I can see why the others were getting tired of her whining....

    And what the???? I wanna go home.... waaaaaahhhhhhh
    Seems like she turned into 9 yrs old all of a sudden...

    As for Jillian I am kinda stand offish and wanted to yell at her when she gets all loveydovey with Patrick. Oh gawd get a room you two....

    Luckily good ol Derrick finally confronted Angela and looks like theres hope between these two girls....

    Now on next weeks ohhhhhhhhh Jillian looks p.o. geee I wonder?

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    I still don't like Angela. Ugh, she keeps talking about maturity and levels, but she's stuck in junior high mode. At least she seemed friendlier at the end with Jillian. I really don't care much for this cast. I don't know if I'll keep watching. Too bad Ibis is gone.
    Ludicrous speed!

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    I'm glad Derrick spoke up and told her off, Now naybe she won't act so snotty and actually become good friends with Jillian & coperate in missions. man, in the preview of the next episode Jillian doesn't look too happy when Patrick is dancing with the girl from RR12.

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    That Mary Beth girl from RR12 is such a flirt. No wonder she got along with Patrick so well. Being as he is SUCH the ladies man. haha

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