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Thread: Real World: San Diego (premieres 01/06)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSi
    and by pumping you mean so inflated that she can fall into the ocean and float safely back to shore, right?

    hahahaha...."pumped up".

    i hear what you are saying....and it's not just that i like her breasts (happy, God?)....but i like that she is a little thick and her body looks really proportionate and she just looks sexy to me. believe me...if she took her top off and had those were real i'd be happier, but in clothes she looks great.

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    My thoughts...

    Randy- Cool dude. I respect him for not hooking up just to get some from Robin.

    Brad- Another cool, funny dude. I did not think the girl he hooked up with is trashy. I don't blame him for getting PO'ed at Cameran either.

    Jaqueese- Funny as hell. Especially when he get's going on sex topics. Anyone think he might be gay? He never goes to hook up with any girls.

    Cameran- Cute girl, but it pissed me off when she gets all flirty with Brad and invites him to the bathroom, just to reject him when he goes for the kiss. I like the Southern accent.

    Frankie- I don't find her attractive at all and find her kind of annoying. I would never date a girl like her. I can't believe she doesn't think getting drunk and screwing someone is cheating.

    Robin- I think she's hot and has a nice body. However, I could not put up with the drama she puts into everything. She was royally a bitch to Randy for just talking to some other girls. It also pissed me off earlier on when she was saying it's ok for her to be racist because she has had previous encounters with black people.

    Jamie- Don't see much of her since she tends to stay out of the drama. Seems like a very nice and understanding person. Reminds me of Christina from Paris. Pretty girl as well.

    Well there's my weekly ramblings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theguru

    Brad could have done Frankie and Cameron....and yet they didnt.
    He wanted to but Cameron didnt. I dont think he ever had a chance with her in terms of sex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bignbuff

    Jaqueese- Funny as hell. Especially when he get's going on sex topics. Anyone think he might be gay? He never goes to hook up with any girls.

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    So, Robin is dating a marine..that's cool

    Did the previews show Brad getting arrested AGAIN next week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenders
    Did the previews show Brad getting arrested AGAIN next week?
    what do you expect from the Drunken Fun Time Hour Gang?

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    I can't believe he told his girlfriend he wouldn't get drunk the night before she came, then he proceeds to get drunk, get in a fight, go in the drunk tank, then pick her up at the airport in a non-sober state.

    Andrea, get a clue. He's an idiot. Ditto for you, cameran.

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    What happened last night? I have Dish Network and the morons have that station off the air. Did Cameron hit it off with Brad's girlfriend? LOL

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    heehee, not at all. Actually, Brad made a bet with Frankie at the beginning of the show. Frankie said they would see a different side of Cameran when Andrea was there.

    Wellllllll, apparently, Cameran eats burritos for dinner from this restaurant every single day (according to Frankie and Jamie and Ja), but the day Andrea came, the burrito made her sick, so she sat in her room the entire weekend. They had a party and stuff, but Cameran was nowhere to be found.

    So, Frankie won the bet.

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    I would really like to know what any girl could see in Brad. Not only is he a drunken idiot, but he's even obnoxious and embarrasing when he's sober! (not to mention, insensitive). And he has two girls after him? What kind of sick world do we live in.

    On another note, I was really digging Randy last night. He's getting more and more attractive to me. Maybe it's his personality...

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