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Thread: Real World: San Diego (premieres 01/06)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata
    I think Ja played it smart. Do you really want MTV filming you making out with someone. Heck no. Just cause a guy shows some discretion does not mean he is gay.

    Let's face it Brad made himself look like a drunken fool and he provides entertainment. Would I want him for a lover. He can't be trusted, and he probably give me an STD, and blab to the world what we had done. In comparison Ja comes across as a stand up guy.

    I liked both Ja and Jamie but I really failed to see why they bothered being on the show. As for Ja, again I must say there was something too weird about how he seemed to get so much enjoyment spying on anyone in the guest room - a way to get his jollies?? Perhaps......a little too surpressed perhaps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Watches2MuchTV
    There are different scenarios where you don't learn your native tongue at home, one being the parents learned English (even if it's broken English) and only spoke that at home. Other possibilities is a mixed marriage where the parents speak different languages (in my parents' native country we have a national language and different dialects depending on which part of the country you live) and use English as the main communicating language at home. Another scenario would be Korean mom, American Dad... English at home. And so on.... (not excusing the fact she didn't learn, just trying to explain how it could happen.)

    Jamie did speak some Korean when her mom came but it was more "conversational" Korean where you can speak/understand the language in order to direct, eat, shop... you know... but the deep true words in a native language, the not-everyday-words that natives speak to one another, it is possible to not know that much even if you do live at home with Korean speaking parents. Maybe she knows how to say "how are you" but not so much "how do you feel about the political situation in Korea" (sorry I couldn't think of not-everyday-conversation to use as an example.) If I only understood or spoke a little bit of a language, I wouldn't feel comfortable to say I was fluent in it.

    Hmmmm, I dunno. I have cousins who speak only English...and I just don't get it-how they don't understand what their parents are saying when they speak our native language. How did they grow up not learning our language? I always wonder. It's just weird to me because I picked up two languages and English with no problem and I don't have an accent speaking any language.
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    I, too, have cousins that don't speak the language. I also have a niece and nephews who speak English where their parents speak the native language at home 24/7. Early on in their childhood (they are 12, 11 and 8 now) they spoke *only* the native language. Once they got to school, all out the window. English only. I can't explain it, but it's what happened. I do tell them to keep "practicing" speaking the language so that they don't forget, but only my niece "practices" while the nephews spend their time in front of the PS2.

    Another theory, maybe kids *really* don't listen to their parents at all!!!

    I do think some people are "language-challenged" where learning new languages are hard to do. I think people who are multi-lingual are exceptional people (yup that includes you!!) It's like high-level math... some people get it, some people avoid it like the plague. Just my opinion...

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    I missed the finale as I was in the hospital having a kidney removed! Can anyone recap for me, and do you know when it will replay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2boysmom
    I missed the finale as I was in the hospital having a kidney removed! Can anyone recap for me, and do you know when it will replay?

    2boysmom, I hope you are recovering okay. I think its replaying this Saturday at 11am eastern. Not sure, you might want to check out the site or tv guide
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2boysmom
    I missed the finale as I was in the hospital having a kidney removed! Can anyone recap for me, and do you know when it will replay?
    Hope everything went well with your kidney being removed. Here is the recap from MTV.com:

    "It's our last day in the big blue house. Tomorrow night, seven people who have grown close are going to be scattered all over the country again," Randy.

    Things are winding down in San Diego. A week before they move out, Brad says he already feels like he is losing something. The roommates agree that Cameran has learned a lot while in the Real World house, but Brad is walking away unsure about what he learned. Jacquese thinks they have all learned something about life and people and how to deal with certain situations.

    Cameran says Jamie has taught her that she can stand up for herself in a classy way, while Robin has taught her, "if all else fails, hit". Cameran's joking of course, but she is referring to the very real incident with Cameran and The Marine who didn't take too kindly to getting a girl's knuckle in his bicep. Brad notes that Robin's personality has really mellowed a lot since she got to San Diego.

    Brad, Cameran and Robin decide to go out to a club to get their party on one more time before they scatter. At da club, when the bouncer checks Cammie's fake ID, Brad wigs out and decides to grab the ID, hand it to Cammie and then instruct her to run. This prompts several mean-looking bouncers to descend upon Brad and threaten to arrest him for a misdemeanor. Meanwhile, Robin and Cammie take off so they don't get in trouble. Cammie doesn't understand that Brad was just trying to look out for her. Luckily he was able to talk his way out of getting arrested.

    A day before they all move out, Robin goes to court to learn her fate. Turns out they made her an offer to lower the charge to disturbing the peace. She will be fined, but won't go to jail. Robin is pleased.

    Frankie calls to talk to Jacquese, who narrates that he misses his "road dog." Frankie says she has no regrets about leaving the house.

    The roommates sit out on their patio and reminisce about the good times they've had. Brad recommends saving the "emotional sh-t" for the last day and party like rock stars that night.

    Robin is first to leave on the final day. Cameran describes Robin as the "older, party girl sister" that she never had. Robin hopes she and Mike can continue to have a relationship long distance. Randy is looking forward to going home so he can apply what he has learned in San Diego to his regular life. He takes a water taxi outta there. Charlie is next to leave and despite his short time in the house, he says he will miss everyone.

    Brad narrates that Jamie takes what you say to her to heart and she responds from the heart and that's what makes her such a good person. Jacquese says he has learned to forgive people and not hold grudges. When they leave, only Cammie and Brad remain.

    "I never thought I'd make out with a Northern boy and I did," Cammie narrates. Ah, but she did. More than once. Brad narrates that Real World is finding out what you want to do with yourself; finding out where you fit in. Brad and Cammie hug each other goodbye and while Cammie leaves in a taxi, Brad hops on his bike and rides off into the San Diego sunset.


    Robin and Mike are still a couple, though he's on his tour of duty in Iraq.
    Randy is doing a five month tour of Europe this summer.
    Charlie and his girlfriend have broken up and now Charlie will be getting back in his band.
    Jamie is back at UC Riverside and is keeping communications with her parents open.
    Jacquese is back at Morehouse and is continuing talks with his dad.
    Cameran has no idea what she is going to do next.
    Brad has his own apartment and hopes to start a travel company involving extreme sports.
    It will be reshown on Sat at 11am EST and 5:30 PM EST and also on Tues at 2:30 PM EST and 9:30 PM EST.

    Hope that helps!

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    Yea, the good thing about MTV Shows, they should never hold priority.. you can ALWAYS see the episode later on in teh week if you just look for it.. especially if you have DirectTV, digital cable or something with a "guide" to whats comign up... Hope everything with the Kidney stuff is healing and doing well.. you know you are a reality fanatic when you are in pain from a surgery and really want to know what happened on the last show.. lol..
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    They'll also probably be replaying it alot this week.. You'll be able to see it sometime. =]

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    My theory is that Ja just likes being single. Randy also said he was a little more introverted than the others, so I can understand why he's not bringing home the ladies like Randy and Brad. Just a different personality type.

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    It was good to see Robin face the consequences of her actions. aka being drunk and hitting people. That marine that pressed charges against her was a wuss and probably a little jealous of the RW crew. But for Robin to whine that she shouldn't be here and that she didn't deserve it was out of line. She has a problem drinking and its not pretty to she her react like a out of control bitch and if she needs to do some jail time good. Can you imagine her drinking and driving. She will either kill herself or take out some family. Then whine about how unfair it is that she is doing time for vehicular manslaughter.

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