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Thread: Real World: San Diego (premieres 01/06)

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    Okay, Jaquese is HILARIOUS.

    my favorite this week: "I would like to see Frankie and Robin jello wrestle...not for my OWN personal enjoyment, but so that they can work through their issues."

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    Frankie is starting to annoy me. Robin really hasn't done anything to her and she's already annoyed with her.

    I wonder when Brad is gonna finally kiss Cameran? They showed it in all the previews and it still hasn't happened.

    Also, I wonder how much more time Frankie will be on the show after seeing the preview for next week's show.

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    Robin hasn't done anything? Have yo forgotten all the last ...10 episodes where everyone says that Robin's annoying? Methinks you have.

    Also, is the cast so boring, they have to dedicate a show to buying a pet? seriously.....ugh.

    and why would they get rid of her? Hmmm....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bignbuff
    Also, I wonder how much more time Frankie will be on the show after seeing the preview for next week's show.

    Yeah..there's a spoiler thread for that discussion somewhere else in this forum...

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    First of all, I was horrified to see that little mouse in the bag with the snake. I was so happy he was rescued. If Frankie does end up feeding him to her snake (like she threatened), Robin would be justified in kicking her ass!

    Also, Brad's phone conversations with his parents really upset me. I hope they didn't pay for his college education that he clearly never intends to use. It's obvious that he just parties with his friends every day and comes home drunk (or ends up in the "drunk tank"), and his parents shouldn't have to put up with that from a 23 year old.

    I really hope they kick him out.

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    He's a Biker Boy...come on, that says it all right there.

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    this show is garbage, they need to just give up and call it a wrap

    btw, it looks like jacquese is the "narrarator" this season

    i always wondered why the one that never gets any ass who is a self proclaimed "booty-o-logist" and spooning expert even went on this show

    the whole point of this show is for clueless and/or slutty girls and jocks and/or pretty boy types to live together drink excessively, babble about nothing, invent problems for themselves that don't even exists, and last but not least have lots of sex for the viewers entertainment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg
    this show is garbage, they need to just give up and call it a wrap
    I agree, they should have stopped after Back to NY season 10.It is all about who can get drunk, who hooks up with hook, it has turned into a trashy show.

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    its part the show is just trash...sex and alcohol, and its part that al the characters are just clones of each other and seasons past. They're just not appealing.....we all know that 5 or 6 of the 7 are aspiring actors and are trying to use this as a springboard. they all have no personalities....but if the kdis'll watch it, it'll be on.

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    Tonight's episode description:

    "San Diego", Episode #1415.
    After a fight with Dave, Frankie cuts herself.

    Original Airdate: April 6, 2004.

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