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Thread: Making the Band 2

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    You're right! It's MTB 2 third season. It's hard to keep up.

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    I watch it and I don't understand how P. Diddy has the patience! These kids are annoying! If it was up to me they would all have been kicked out one by one. They're immature, they have no drive, all they want is the cheddar. They don't even seem like they enjoy what they're doing. Any sane person would think it's a dream come true, but for them it all seems like a burden.

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    Now they moved into "Daddy's house". I'm sure with their attitudes and fights, they should blend in nicely on Park Avenue.

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    Anyone been watching the latest version. Basically part 3 of Making the band II. It's the group on tour.

    Dylon is a bit MIA due to his claims of probation and having to meet his officer. So he has been missing the tour dates quite a bit.

    Sara has missed some dates due to family issues.

    The last episode I saw, they had been screwing up pretty big and Sara was pissed about everyone smoking all the time. Pdiddy moved them into his house but before doing that he told Sara to quit acting like a cry baby and toughen up.

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    Yeah, he put Sara out there when she mentioned the smoking to him. On the very first episode, they show previews of what's to come during the entire season and someone will get kicked out of the group, whom I believe will be Dylan. There was a rumor that two of the members hook up and it was stated that it's either Babs and Chopper or Babs and Fred. it has to be Babs and somebody because everyone knows that Sara is married.

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    This year, they're making the band look very unsympathetic, like at any one moment, someone can get kicked out.
    From last week's Chapelle's show, Dylan's good as gone. also fred wasn't there, so who knows.

    also, they signed 5 year contracts..so its in their best interest to stay together.

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    wow i find all in the band really childish or whathave you. i truelly think they do not know the meaning of a band, the fact that ALL of them should work together and do it well

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    Yeah, most of them are pretty childish and pretty ghetto.

    Sara is mature, but she is real out of place. She doesn't fit in with the whole vibe at all. She is just there to sing hooks. She has a nice voice, but she shouldn't be in that group. I mean, they won't even chill out with the smoking. When you are a singer, that can be serious. If they don't want her sounding bad on the track, they should cool out with the smoking. And her man puts more stress on her than he helps out. Plus, when push comes to shove, he is a punk, like when he let Babs basically tell him off and talk about Sara right in both of their faces. Sara should go solo ASAP for real.

    Ness is the best MC in there, bar none. He has the tightest flow, best lyrics, and obviously the best work ethic. He was kinda immature at first, when he choked Fred near unconscious (although Fred did lump him up a little with that jab) but he has shown that he really wants to be there and make it big. He also should go solo. But what can you expect? He's from Philly. He's got to be tight (shout out to the home town).

    Fred is a decent MC, and his raspy voice is unique, so that gets him over, but he is madd immature. Look at the thumb sucking and all that. Fred is nothing special basically.

    Chopper, to me, is garbage. Whoever said he was like a Cash Money reject, you hit the nail right on the head. His flow is trash. Plus, he need to make a date with a tube of clearasil or a floor sander or something and polish that skin up. He tries to get over with that "I know I'm ugly, but if I act like I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread, chicks will dig me.". Keep killing them with confidence Chopper.

    Babs is the worst. She plays favorites like a mug. If Sara has to go see her sick kids, or Dylan has to keep an appointment with his lawyer to stay out of prison for 7 years, she throws a fit, but if her man Chopper just wants to sneak of and visit his homies or give a radio interview by himself, its all good. She is a hypocrite. Plus, her flow is weak. She is only good for backing up Ness, and she bites Foxy's style too much. She is a cookie cutter hardcore female from Brooklyn type. She wants to act like she's hot already, and she ain't.

    Dylan is some timey, missing madd dates and all that, but on the other hand, he is trying to stay out of the pen, and most of his missing dates are from that. Can you blame him for trying to stay out of jail for the next 7 years? Plus, he proabably feels like they don't want to use him too much because they feel like the Caribbean thing doesn't fit on ever record. How is he supposed to get hype about that. Trust me, I listen to more Dancehall Reggae than anything else, and he is no Buju Banton, but he is decent. He's better than Fred, Babs, or Chopper anyway.

    Looks like Puffy might shut the whole thing down now. Maybe that would be for the best, and just let those who will shine, shine, and those who will fall , fall.


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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    Has anyone watched the third season of the Making of the Band this season?

    Unfortunately yes, :phhht but every time I've turned on MTV and seen it, I swear it's been the same episode. If i see the ever charming Babs going on her "blind date" with the lovely Juvenile one more time....

    Oh well, all I remember from last season was a 2 or 3 episode long argument, escalating to fist fights, over Babs wanting to get her hair done. Where do they find these people?!

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