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Thread: Finale Recap - Oh sweet Prince I finally found you!

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    Me, after too much RTV... alohatami's Avatar
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    Hi - I'm new around here. Having gotten sucked into the last two episodes of Mr. Personality (must have been some of Chris's subliminal messaging getting to me), I just had to tell you, firegirl, your recap was hysterical! Well done!

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    Thanks Aloha and welcome to the FORT, explore around there are many great "re-cappers" here! You will enjoy them they are my mentors!

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    Where there's a Will

    Great job, FG

    Monica shows her reality TV hostess talents by stating the obvious. She informs Haley that she must make a decision about two men she has never seen. I think Monica is good at making decisions about things she has never seen. Anyway, Haley prances off to think stating again the obvious she is torn between two men but she has to choose.
    This funny quote totally encapsulates the meaninglessness and inanity of this lameass show.

    Hayley embodied the essence of the shallow princess. She uttered phrases like, "It meant so much having you as part of my life" -- buh bye -- to Chris. Of course, Chris got just what he deserved or what we all think he deserved.

    You have certainly earned a nice rest, firegirl. You have stepped up to the plate and done a fine job of breathing life into this worthless project.

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    Super job, FG, and this visual will haunt me for a really long time:
    She sort of keeps a grinning open mouth carp look on her face
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    Will there be a where are they now show?

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    Hmmmm I guess that depends on if they actually go somewhere! lol
    Otherwise I am guessing we will see comments on them in the mags and here and there on line!
    Cute bouncy guy bama!

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    Fantastic job on the recap firegirl! I had to watch the finale (it was painful) just so I could compare notes with you. I loved the carp reference. I couldn't have come up with that one myself. Keep up the good work, hope to see you recapping more worthy endevors in the future.

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    Originally posted by slightlyshady
    Fantastic job on the recap firegirl! Keep up the good work, hope to see you recapping more worthy endevors in the future.

    I'm amazed that you managed to stay awake during the entire run of this show!! I, for sure couldn't have done it!!


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    FG, excellent finale recap! You really took one for the team, this show went downhill faster than...well, pretty darn fast, that's for sure. The recaps were the only saving grace for this show!

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