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Thread: Mr. Personality 4 , Making it to first base!

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    Mr. Personality 4 , Making it to first base!

    Mr. Personality Episode #4

    Making it to first base!

    This most recent installment of Mr. Personality will include four one on one dates with Hayley and her masked men. The show does not waste anytime in getting started.

    Horse of A Different Color

    Hayley wakes to find Frasier the butler delivering a message from Chris Green on video. He basically says wakey wakey Princess its our second date! Chris and Hayley are going horseback riding for their date and Chris has brought some subliminal props today. He apparently sent Frasier or Monica to Hobby Lobby for some felt and glitter and fashioned her a Cowboy hat, princess style. Dolly Parton would have been jealous! As they ride along on their steeds, you can hear Chris's voice-over explaining how he plans to put Hayley and himself in a fantasy princess story line for the day, there by subliminally influencing her into thinking he is her Prince Charming. Chris takes a moment to point out a hawk and explain how it is a symbol of good things to come. Turns out the 'hawk' is a vulture and well you do the math!

    Our royal couple end their ride with a picnic and Chris keeps calling Hayley Princess Valentine. She is getting a little fed up with the name. They have a brief make out session and he reads her a story book about princesses. It was very corny. Hayley makes the comment that he is always making suggestive thoughts and she is disturbed by it. Hmmm I can almost hear Chris now, " Hayley want to take a (ride-me) horse ride? Hayley which guy (pick-me) are you falling for? Hayley, can I get you a drink (drunk-so-you-will-sleep-with-me) or something?" I think he has studied subliminal man from SNL!

    Sittin’ On The Dock O’ The Bay

    Will Silver gets the next one on one date and he and Hayley are going to be casting their lines from a private island. First they take a scenic plane ride to the island and in Will's voice over he says that he got a great date with Hayley and that tonight his goal is to kiss her.

    Hayley and Will spend some time attempting to fly fish in the surf. I am wondering if Hayley is thinking there are other fish in the sea as she and Will keep getting tangled up in each others lines.

    Will spends some time telling Hayley how he is able to open up to her and how he is falling for her and it is a first for him.

    Hayley and Will do eventually have a moment in the sand, not a "from here to eternity" moment but Will is successful in his goal to kiss Hayley. In fact Hayley mentions that Will's fun side is sucking her in, actually it looked like Will's face was sucking her in but oh well.

    Hayley commented the date was magical. Now I have to wonder if Will is such a business success story, just what has he been doing in the date world? Obviously when you have to plan this hard to kiss someone you haven't been doing much.

    Par for a Twosome

    Peyton Orange gets the next date and he and Hayley are going golfing. First Peyton spends some time hitting balls colored the same as the other guys masks. It was kind of funny and he didn't do too bad. Hayley had never played before and it was obvious, she is also left handed so I am sure Peyton had his best patient face on, even though we couldn't see it! After golfing, they had a dinner and talked about how Hayley's mom and Peyton both love to sing show tunes. I expected Peyton to bust out in "can you feel the love tonight" but I think Hayley was humming Phantom of the Opera! They share a few kisses and everything seems relaxed.

    The Green Eyed Monster

    Will confronts Peyton on his return from the date and Peyton plays with Will for a few moments. Will just can't stand it that Peyton won't tell him about his date with Hayley. He is dying to know if they kissed what happened etc. Peyton obviously realizing the mansion is not a locker room refuses. However, he does pick up his jacket and sniff it while saying "mmm still smells of Hayley" I could see Will turning green and wanting to punch Peyton.


    For Jim and Hayley's date they get salsa lessons. Jim says in a voice over he wants Hayley to know he is still very interested so he attempts numerous times to kiss Hayley during the lesson. Hayley is put off by Jim's attempts and thinks it is not an appropriate time. During dinner Hayley wants more from Jim but he is nervous about everything he says and appears he is holding back.

    Peer Pressure

    Will is going crazy with envy and jealousy knowing Hayley is out with the other guys. He has a plan. He is going to get the other guys drunk at a group dinner because someone always ends up acting stupid when they are drunk. Apparently this week Will has grown the mustache. Will offers up shots to the guys, he even looks at Chris and asks him if he wants to be cool. The guys all get a little drunk, except for Will , and start doing some bump and grind dancing with Hayley.

    Chris is very wild and very into his dirty dancing with everyone and it makes Hayley uncomfortable. I am concerned about the combination of Chris's hypno therapy and alcohol. I wonder if he has hypnotized himself and the alcohol is really having an effect on him.

    At one point Will tells Chris “I hate you” and Chris continues to laugh, dance and sing.

    Silver Away

    Hayley looks to the sober Will to take her away from the madness and so they retreat to the dark room. They spend a few minutes talking then get down to kissing, holding and making out. Of course now the drunk guys upstairs are commenting on how nothing is happening down there, and how Will can't be doing anything with Hayley.

    Voyeur Cam

    Monica finally makes an appearance when she shows Hayley the voyeur cam on the guys. Hayley gets to see how tortured Will is about her other dates and Monica is giddy at getting to see the action. It freaks Hayley out a little.

    Unmasking at the Gazebo

    Time for the heads off ceremony and Monica appears wearing a hideous paisley/flowered long coat/top thing. I guess she has given up wearing solid colors. Hayley picks Chris and Will to keep for the next round.

    Peyton unmasks and he is very sweet and Hayley thinks he looks nice.

    Jim unmasks and Hayley goes into orbit. She keeps saying "your so handsome", and he is so good looking, clearly she wants to keep Jim but she can't, and Jim and his handsome face must go!

    Next week will be the finale and Hayley will pick between Possessive Will and Creepy Chris. Stay tuned it will be entertaining.

    Once again, big wave and kiss till next time!

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    Funny recap, FG!

    The only good thing about Mr. Personality is that it's so much fun to rip into shreds.

    I actually thought for a moment that it showed some promise in the very beginning. I am willing to admit right here and now that I was wrong.

    The men range from obsessive-compulsive to controlling and manipulative. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Hayley is not all sweetness and light either. She has the practiced mannerisms of a call girl, and not a high priced one either. She knows when to nod, laugh in a phony way and pretend to be shocked at someone's behavior (Chris') and then keep him while kicking out the perfectly nice Jim. She also seemed to like Peyton who finally opened up to her only to get kicked in the butt for his efforts.

    For a show that's all about personalities, or supposed to be, I don't see anything outstanding about any of the men's personalities.

    Monica, who is supposed to be hosting the show makes fewer appearances with each segment. This last time she was only shown once, ok twice if you count the brief moment in the video room. Her outfits are horrendous and she has taken on the demeanor of a fish out of water.

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    Great recap, FG! The section titles were inspired.

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    Starbucks is your friend Bill's Avatar
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    Love the recap! Subliminal man from SNL
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    Hayley will pick between Possessive Will and Creepy Chris.
    She sure knows how to pick the good ones.

    Great job, FG!

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    Bandgeek Mom slightlyshady's Avatar
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    Time for the heads off ceremony

    Great recap FG. I had a good laugh while reading it. Is this show lame or what?

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    great recap! i'm glad i'm reading and no longer watching.

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    Super job, FG. For some reason, I found this hilarious:
    Apparently this week Will has grown the mustache.
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    I missed the first half of the episode last time, glad I could easily follow up by reading this. I also felt that Hayley was regretting about cutting Jim out after she saw how handsome/cute he was.

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    I don't know why nor how I got involved in watching this Mr. Personality show....I really didn't like the concept of it to begin with, not tu mention the really wierd looking guys that were on the show....I must say now though....go #17 Chris!!!! I hope he wins....well if she ends up with Will, she will become a Millionaire...so I guess that sounds like a good toss up :

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