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Thread: Lewinsky Calls for Parent-Child Privilege

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    Deep Dish
    Thanks, CG!

    I agree with you that Monica's the worst host. After episode one, I compared her to that guy from Get Me Out of Here I'm a Celebrity but now I'll say she's worse.

    I base this on her potential. Dammit, Monica can be quite charming from the other interviews I've seen. And there's gotta be something there. When the guys that aren't picked by that totally unsympathetic Hayley are dismissed, more often than not they say "Bye, Monica" with a tenderness/admiration/fawning in their voice.

    Why? What are we not seeing? If Monica spent time talking to these bozos, the show would be buttloads more interesting.
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    An innocent bystander nlmcp's Avatar
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    Frankly I always thought there shouldn't be a husband/wife privilege.
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    since when does sucking **** make somebody an authority on anything other than BJ's??

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