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Thread: Who do you think will win?

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    What - no after show discussion spoilers thread??

    No wonder. What a complete waste of white noise between advertisements this show is.

    I watched "Everybody Loves Raymond" last night and tuned in for the last 30 minutes. But only because I was sick, on the couch with nothing else to do, and too lazy to keep pushing the Up button on the remote.

    Hayley doesn't even seem real to me. Fox is producing so much liquor, and apparently these men have no self control. Or maybe they are just so bored by the concept themselves, they are drinking to blur the days until the end of this fiasco.

    But maybe there will be a "twist" : that this wasn't a reality show after all, but a team of actors following a carefully crafted script.

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    Hayley and farewell

    In my opinion, Hayley picked the wrong two guys.

    Chris never even refers to her by name. It's always, "she" and "I want her to..." This guy is overplaying his hand and yet she keeps him around despite expressing her disgust at his behavior.

    This woman is beyond shallow. In the intro voiceover she states that this is not about looks, but when Jim took off his mask she could not stop gushing about how "handsome" he was. Actually, I think he was the nicest of the lot and had selected him as my favorite, but perhaps he didn't kiss her a** fast enough or something.

    She seemed to enjoy her date with Peyton who was the frontrunner until her next date, when by her own admission, she completely forgot about him. Petyton seemed personable but when he took off his mask you could almost hear Hayley saying, "Wow, glad I didn't stick with this one, he's not good looking enough."

    I almost threw up when she faced the already uncomfortable losers and said, "you are so amazing, you are so great." Shut the hell up already and let them go. You don't mean a word of it.

    The same goes for the two sycophantic suitors that she kept on a leash at her borrowed Malibu mansion. They are "falling in love" with her. Give me a break! These guys are BOTH PSYCHO!
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    I think the winner will be the guy that doesn't get picked. I want her to choose Chris, it will serve her right. Will could do much better.
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    Yea.. what a waste of time!!

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    None of the above?

    I liked Peyton, but then he made a lucky escape

    Will is whiney and controlling, Chris can only talk to a woman if he is playing his little mind games. Yuck.

    (actually mostly watched Raymond, kept flipping back, glad I didn't spend any serious time watching this)
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    Hmmm, I'm not sure who I think will win this.

    I don't think either of them have the greatest of personalities.

    I guess at the moment I'd have to say my front runner is Will.
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