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Thread: Ratings drop off in second week

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    Ratings drop off in second week

    CBS held its lead at 9 p.m. with "Everybody Loves Raymond," 11.8/18, and "Still Standing," 9.7/14. The season finale of "Third Watch" on NBC averaged a solid 8.4/12. FOX moved up to third with "Mr. Personality," 5.0/7, off by more than two points from its debut. ABC's movie "Charlie's Angels" (5.0/7 from 9 to 11 p.m.) came in fourth, edging out "Everwood" on The WB. UPN held its average with "Girlfriends" and "Half and Half."

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    Whoa, shocker!
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    I'm not surprised at all. This show is creepy. The masks freak me out - big time!

    I watched the first episode, but I had more important things to do last night.

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    It might have involved some shift of folks watching the Third Watch season finale, too, as that show actually had some promotion by NBC for a change and was the season finale with a surprise (who is going to die) for regular and occasional viewers. I was tempted to switch over to Mr. P half-way through TW as it was so graphic, but then I would have messed up my viewing order as Mr. P was taping at the time.
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    Is it because of Monica?

    I had to work her name into the header because I noticed that there was less of Monica to see this week. Her presence was barely noticeable until the part where she and Hayley curled up and watched the boys being naughty.

    I cringed when Monica appeared shocked at the lap dance given to Pete which turned out to be the reason for his ousting. I had superimposed images in my head (yech) of her doing even worse in front of Bubba Clinton.

    Hayley was less than gracious when she said how unattractive she found Pete. Could it be because he's Asian and unemployed?

    If looks don't mean anything to her why did she call Joe a "cutie pie" and give him an "extra special Hayley hug?"

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    This series hasn't captured the imagination like Joe Millionaire did.

    I don't like Hayley a whole lot.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Not surprised.

    The concept is way too complicated.

    I notice Fox has a Cheat Sheet online - just so folks can keep up.

    I just can't make the commitment to watching this show. The FORT recaps are enough for me.

    I may watch the last episode.....

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    don't even know why i'm watching this show. it's sucking the life out of my brain.

    yeah, it's hard to care who haley ends up with when she inspires no likeability. uh, is that a word? oh well, couldn't think of a better word.

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