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Thread: So what happens if she finds him unattractive?

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    Hmmm, interesting. I like your thinking GrammarGoddess. I agree with you completely.

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    Wow, thank you Monika! I'm wondering--do you have plans at 2 PM MDT? I have a teleconference and it would be great if you could participate. All you have to do is nod your head and say, "I think Lori has a great point--I completely agree!"

    I'll share my bonus with you if our little ploy works...heh heh.

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    Re: So what happens if she finds him unattractive?

    [B]I was just wondering. I honestly think the concept of the show is great. To find someone to date that you actually like for what’s inside. Then I began to wonder, in a good relationship there has to be a physical attraction as well.
    Actually..... hubby & I chatted for ..oh I dont know...year and a half AT LEAST before we exchanged pictures.... I had no idea what he looked like & vice versa, by the time we saw each others' picture it didnt matter much, we were already so head over heels in love ... :-) We're both average looking and for sure neither of us are supermodel material lol, but didnt matter to either of us

    However...to HAYLEY....even though she's not supposed to care about looks in this show....what's the first thing she comments on when the guys remove their masks? Their looks...

    I think if he takes his mask off and he's butt ugly, she's gonna find an excuse to end it not too far after the show.... & I dont think she's as charismatic as Trista was..... so I doubt she'll get a Hollywood career out of this (I dunno if trista will, but she's getting a few gigs at least...)

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    But, then again, if you look at the contestants, none of them are truly ugly and the majority are particularly good looking. It's easy to pick a guy based on personality if you're pretty safely assured that he's going to look good. I think they should have this show, but make sure that all of the people are traditionally "ugly," just to see what happens...

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    I know it sounds corny, but love does have a way of overriding the importance of physical attraction ...

    I think my husband is the biggest hunk in the world. After we met, no other man seemed to me to be attractive. Age has added a few wrinkles to his face, and he's developing that belly that men get in middle age ... but I truly don't see that.

    In Hayley's case - if she picks a man that is not attractive, I expect to see a flash of disappointment on her face when he is un-masked. (we've seen it before) but if they have truly managed to build a relationship, it will give way to attraction.

    Then again, these reality dating shows have produced how many 'matches' ?? Trista and Ryan ... Matt and Jenna .. oh wait, oh nevermind ...

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    I have to agree with Anna, most of the contestants on this show were at least reasonably good looking to me.
    I prefer Chris's looks out fo the final two, but it's not as though Will is ugly.

    I think you're right Bump, we'll see that certain look from Hayley if she doesn't think the guy she chose is all that great looking, but I'm sure it'll pass.
    The relationship will have at least as good a chance as any other reality show relationship imo.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I'm just wondering what the hands over her face is all about, hmm...
    "Blindsided, oh, friendship blindsided you're going home, home!" -Paul BB18

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