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Thread: Chris - #17 w/ Dark Green Mask

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    Men behaving badly

    originally posted by Annika
    I think the guys on Mr. Personality have as a whole acted a LOT worse than guys on other reality dating shows (The Bachelorette, for example). My theory is that the physical masks really add a psychological pressure that the guys simply can't handle. I'd love to hear post-interviews on the guys' emotional experiences being all masked-up.
    These are excellent points that you make and I agree. Are these men behaving badly because they are having an identity crisis? They cannot rely on their looks (and most of them are from average to nice looking) to charm the fair maiden so they act out.

    Conversely, the guys on "The Bachelorette" were for the most part great. They were mature and knew how to have fun as a group when Trista was away on her single dates. However, I believe that they were an exceptional group and not the norm.

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    Very interesting assesment Annika. I like the way you think. I will continue to watch the show even though I had almost decided to bag it. I will be looking for some of the things you mention.

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    i agree that the masks do mess with the guys' sense of who they are. with the masks they can say and do things that they normally wouldn't. for the guys that aren't that good-looking, they're excited that they have a chance to woo haley on an equal playing field but they don't know what the hell to do with it except act cocky.

    and re: the guys on the last bachelor, they were great. but they did have the advantage of knowing who they were going to meet and what she looked like. higher quality guys applied for an established girl and the chance to meet a specific girl, not just the producers picked out.

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    why is Chris still around? I honestly don't get it.
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    Xantham Gum
    I think the producers wanted to get Tony Robbins but he was already married and his teeth would give him away even behind the mask, so they hired Chris to play him instead.

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    I find Chris attractive, more so than Will.

    I don't like the little tricks I think he gets up to and I don't like his drunken behaviour, but physically I think he's nice looking.
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