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Thread: Joe Millioniare Kinda

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    Joe Millioniare Kinda

    Looks to be sort of like a reverse Joe Millionaire. Ah, how I miss the JM show. On the bright side, I can still see Joe hawking chicken McNuggets in the Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials.

    BTW, I had some difficulties logging in here before!

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    John's been doing some upgrades, Gromit, so hopefully we won't have server issues. Not only is Joe Millionaire hawking chicken for KFC, so it Trista the Bachelorette. We'll see if Monica is the next reality tv "personality" to dip her face into that bucket.
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    I didn't realise Trista was too

    This probably isn't the Hollywood future she had planned for herself.
    She should have gone for Charlie, he has showbiz buddies apparently.
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