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Thread: 2Fast 2 Furious - 06/06

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    2Fast 2 Furious - 06/06

    From Hollywood.com

    Synopsis: Speed--it's easy to get and it's as close as the nearest set of high-performance wheels. Brian O'Connor, now a disgraced cop, fell victim to it--and now he's paying the price. As far as his bosses and the FBI brass are concerned, the hothead undercover officer threw one of their largest investigations ever. After losing his badge and any chance of redemption along with it, O'Connor is given one last chance when the feds in Miami need his help to collar Carter Verone, a flashy businessman whose using his import/export business as a cover for an international money laundering cartel. Cutoms has had Verone under intense surveillance for over a year with nothing more to show for it than the kingpin's link to illegal street racing. With their backs against the wall and time running out, officials put out a call for O'Connor to do what he does best--talk the talk and push the metal. But the rule-breaking loner has his own demands before taking on the job. He insists on recruiting his childhood friend and ex-con Roman Pearce as his partner. The Feds and Agent Markham offer Pearce, an accomplished criminal with an aptitude for barrier-shattering speed, a deal--work with O'Connor and his impressive rap sheet will disappear. Now, it's last chance for both, ex-con and ex-cop, and their ticket out of disgrace is bringing down Verone. But the lines become blurred once again for O'Connor with the appearance of undercover agent Monica Fuentes, the key to entering Verone's world who may herself be in bed with the shady entrepreneur.
    Rating: MPAA PG-13: violence, language, some sensuality
    Runtime: 100 mins.

    Cast & Role

    Paul Walker -- Brian O'Conner
    Tyrese Gibson -- Roman Pearce
    Eva Mendes -- Monica Fuentes
    Cole Hauser -- Carter Verone
    Ludacris -- Tej
    Thom Barry -- Agent Bilkins
    James Remar -- Agent Markham
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    This might be good, but I'll have to wait to rent it, on a day my wife's gone.

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    Ugh..I saw bits of the first Fast and Furious, but I wasn't impressed with it. I seriously doubt I'll watch this sequel.

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    I really like the first movie, but I don't know about this sequel. It'll be weird without all of the original characters.

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    Well, it sounds like it has more plot than the first one. Of course with movies like these, that may or may not be a good thing. I'll probably wait to hear a few opinions about it before hitting the "buy" button.

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    Re: 2Fast 2 Furious - 06/06

    Rather than starting a new thread, I thought I would add to this one:

    Link Here

    Diesel, Walker reteam for new "Fast and Furious"
    By Borys Kit

    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Rev those engines!

    Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are in negotiations to reunite for the fourth installment of the "Fast and the Furious" action franchise.

    The story line of Universal's as-yet-untitled installment is being kept under wraps, but fast cars are involved. A spring start is anticipated with shooting in Los Angeles, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

    The first "Furious," released in 2001, was a surprise hit, grossing more than $144 million and making stars our of Diesel and Walker. Only Walker returned for the 2003 sequel, "2 Fast 2 Furious," and he sat out the third installment, 2005's "Tokyo Drift."

    That movie had relative newcomer Lucas Black in the driver's seat but did feature Diesel in a cameo at the end of the movie. His appearance was so well received that it was even mentioned in ads.

    Justin Lin and Chris Morgan, who were behind "Tokyo Drift," are returning to directing and writing duties, respectively.

    Diesel most recently appeared in Sidney Lumet's "Find Me Guilty" and next stars in Fox's "Babylon A.D." Walker recently wrapped production on the indie drama "The Heaven Project."

    My son will be thrilled to death to know they are filming a new one! I have to admit, I'd like to see Paul and Vin back...wouldn't mind having Alabama boy, Lucas, back either!
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    Re: 2Fast 2 Furious - 06/06

    I've seen all 3 of the F&F movies. I'm sure I'll see this one too.
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    Re: 2Fast 2 Furious - 06/06

    i have this movie on DVD

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    Re: 2Fast 2 Furious - 06/06

    Great Movie!

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