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    What a wonderful movie. It has many layers and that's what I like about it. On the surface it's a story about a rising chef who has gotten into a rut, put on weight, is divorced, is disconnected from his son and just seems on a downward spiral to crash in a big depressed blob. There are some big stars with small but powerful roles. Dustin Hoffman is Chef Carl Casper's restaurant owner boss, Robert Downey Jr is Carl's ex-wife's, ex-husband, Scarlett Johanssan plays his girlfriend and Sofia Vegara plays his ex-wife.

    Carl is successful chef who is in a rut but his boss won't let him be creative in the kitchen who gets into a twitter war with a food blogger. Chef Carl Casper is totally ignorant of what social media is and how it works so a major confrontation between the chef and food blogger goes viral and Carl ends up being fired. This is also a story of how social media can also be helpful and uplifting.

    This movie is also an old fashioned travel story and folks bonding together in a common cause. I love the relationship between Carl and his son, Percy. Percy doesn't need or want his dad to entertain him by going to games, movies and amusement parks, Percy wants to hang with his dad, go to the market with him, hang out in the kitchen with him and just be together and talk. It is painful to watch as Percy constantly reaches out to his dad and gets turned down cause dad is too busy with work. It is rather funny later when Carl, acts the parent a Percy does a full child rebellion on him. Still what I like about Carl is that he can express his feeling and talk about them to his son.

    This is also a foodie movie ... if you like Top Chef or any of the Food Network shows you will like this film. It took a bit for me to get my regular movie buddy to agree to see this film as she is a non foodie and initially said "yuck" to the film but in the end she liked it although she though it was a little much listening to all the foodgasms from the audience . There is a great scene in the trailers about how they were teaching Jon Favreau who plays Carl Casper how to make a grilled cheese sandwich that is simply delicious and funny. I could watch those outtakes as a film in itself. It is also fabulous to watch Chef Carl do foreplay with Scarlett Johanssan by making a plate of pasta.

    The other thing I really liked in the film are women. The two major female roles of Inez, Carl's ex-wife and Molly his current girlfriend are outstanding, these are two strong women. They know who they are, they are self confident and comfortable with themselves and fonts of wisdom. When most films are filled with either sex kittens, divas, wacko beyoches that basically try to define that that is how normal females are really like it is refreshing to see such well rounded characters of what a real female can be.
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    Re: Chef

    ^^^^ What Bearcata said. Ditto.

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