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    A costume period piece based on the life of Dido Elizabeth Belle.

    Dido Elizabeth Belle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Dido Elizabeth Belle (17611804), was an illegitimate daughter of Admiral Sir John Lindsay and an enslaved African woman known as Maria Belle. Dido was sent to live in the household of William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield, who was Lindsay's uncle and thus Dido's great-uncle. Remarkably, she was brought up as a free young gentlewoman at Kenwood House at the same time that her great-uncle, in his capacity as Lord Chief Justice, was called on to rule on cases affecting the legitimacy of the slave trade.
    Lovely movie full of delightful moments that surround a very serious subject.

    The Zong Massacre

    On 29 November 1781, Captain Luke Collingwood of the British ship, Zong, ordered one-third of his cargo to be thrown overboard. That cargo was human 133 African slaves bound for Jamaica. His motive to collect the insurance. The case was brought to court not for murder, but against the insurers who refused to pay up. This is the cruel story of the Zong Massacre. - See more at: The Zong Massacre
    Again this is a period movie based on a true story and since it is a movie the story has been carefully crafted. Still it captures the era very well, and describes how people behaved and talked the much more formal manners and speech. Great moments between Dido and her great uncle who she calls "papa", between Dido and her sister - cousin Elizabeth Murray, between Dido and Lord Oliver and Dido and John Danivier, Dido and Lord James, Lady Mansfield and Lord Mansfield also have an exquisite pivotal scene together. I luv'ed the scenes of life in London both the "Season" also known as the "Marriage Mart" and how the other 99 percent lived.

    This was playing in a smaller theater, the audience was equally men and women (good date film), equably older and younger crowd. Nice to have a period piece that was character based, a good choice to see other than the usual action, fast paces, blow 'em movies that are popular during summer.


    Zong Massacre - 1781
    Case heard in the higher court - 1783
    Abolition Society established - 1787
    Great Britain abolished the slave trade in 1807.

    I have checked several references and some of the facts of both Belle's life, Belle's father and other siblings and mother, and the Zong Massacre do vary.
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