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Thread: Edge of Tomorrow

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    Edge of Tomorrow

    Perfect timing for a war movie to be released on the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. The first part of the movie is almost a homage to the Invasion of Normandy during World War II but for the fact it is actually a near future event and the human race is battling aliens not Nazi's.

    I liked it. Tom Cruise displays a wide range of emotions from smooth talking ad man who ends up being a media spokesperson for the military to duped and confused inexperienced soldier trying to survive the initial landing on the beaches of Normandy to battle hardened soldier. He and Emily Blunt are wonderful together. There is an underlying feeling of romance, but not really. Just two people being given a gift? and learning to use it to help save mankind. The time travel aspect of the film may confuse people, but just put up with some of the repeated scenes as they don't last too long and the director does not let it the constant repetition last too long before moving on to pivotal plot points.

    Fun movie, go see it.

    No bad language, no gratuitous sex scenes, no needless nudity. One shot of a overweight, hairy man's butt cheeks but just the bottom edges.

    Thumbs up.
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    Re: Edge of Tomorrow

    I saw TC on Jimmy Fallon last night!

    TC looks great! He appears to be thriving despite his divorce from KH!

    Fallon did show a lengthy clip of the movie and it does look great!

    I love Emily Blunt so that's wicked cool for me!

    Thanks for your review, Bearcata!

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