Initially I thought this was going to be a movie about the character Ethan from the Mission Impossible movies 20 years in the future. It sorta reads that way. The movie was made and written by non Americans. It can be cruesomely violent and yet there are these poigent moments with Ethan and his daughter Zoe. I love the running theme of a dad trying to relate to his teenage daughter. I kinda like that sometimes there are rules in the world of criminals and spies and sometimes not. There is an underlying plot of squatters in Ethans Paris apartment that he can't get rid of until April as it is illegal to evict squatters in the winter. The movie makers like their cars and they are some nice BMW's and Audi's. I like how Ethan tries to reconnect with Zoe but his memories are of a 4 yr old and she is not 15 or 16 yrs old. This movie shows that life can be messy, that you can't necessarily keep your private live and work separate. I liked the father daughter moments. Nice scene warning young girls not to go off alone in nightclubs ... roofies make is so easy for sleezy guys. This is a quirky mix of spy movie, family movie and take a hard look at your life movie, both bloody and heart warming and funny and brutal. I think some parents maybe appalled at some of the scenes but I think it is perhaps more true to life then we realize.

Sorta reminds me of the Liam Neesom Taken movies. Still I enjoyed it. It was nice to see something different and not a regular stereotypical film.