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Thread: Golden Globes - 2014

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    Re: Golden Globes - 2014

    I always have mixed feelings about this and all awards shows. It's all so subjective and there are so many factors other than excellence that go into the choices. I always find myself agreeing with some and feeling, "What were they thinking?" about others. For example, I simply don't understand all the gushing over Brooklyn Nine-Nine or its star. I think it's an okay sitcom that I sometimes watch, but I doubt I'd miss it if it were gone. The best thing about it foe me is Andre Braugher, who is showing comic chops I wasn't expecting.

    Joh Voight's award delighted me. I have never seen him give a bad performance since I first saw him in Midnight Cowboy some 45 years ago. He's one of those actors whose presence in a film is enough for me to want to see it.
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    Re: Golden Globes - 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    Not that I don't like Robin Wright and think she was terrific in House of Cards, but she won because of her previous work. Tatiana was robbed. I only hope her nomination brings more attention to a great show and her incredible performance.
    My husband left the room when she didn't win. I so agree.... She makes you forget its one actress playing multiple roles. I have never seen an actor do that so successfully. She was not only robbed, but knocked down and beaten. Terrible.
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    Re: Golden Globes - 2014

    I haven't seen many of the films that were nominated. I'm pretty sure I won't check out some of them. I love Clooney, but have zero interest in Gravity. I can't watch Twelve Years As A Slave as those types of movies distress me. I did love the look of the one with Judy Dench and Kate Blanchet. Two of my favorite actors. American Hustle looked amusing too. I love that time period.

    I was THRILLEd to see Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston win!!!!! So well deserved. That was my highlight. I was happy to see that Mad Men and Homeland were not nominated. They are two of my favorites whose writing lost its way. I'm glad they weren't recognized in spite of that.

    I was also THRILLED to see Jon Voight winn for Ray Donavon. He is awesome in that role. I think he makes that show.

    They sure did seem to seat a lot of the winners in the back of the room. That long walk took time off their speech. Not fair, IMO. lol

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