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I'm glad they stuck close to the books.
The special effects far exceed those in the first movie.
We got to see a wider range of emotion from Katniss and Effie.
Gale is still gorgeous.
Peeta seems stronger, wiser and even more empathetic. One of my favorite scenes was him with the morphling. I'll say no more.
Prim has grown stronger and self-assured.
Buttercup is now the right color!
Still love Cinna. :crying
The elevator scene is priceless.
I'm not sold on Sam Claflin as Finnick. He is charming enough, I guess, but I couldn't get past his kind of goofy, smiling mush mouth.
I liked Jenna Malone as Joanna, but her voice is grating.
There was a lot of action in the arena, but I would have liked to have seen more of the quiet tenseness. We barely saw anything of the other tributes not in the core group, so that strong feeling of being hunted wasn't as intense as in the first movie.
We actually see the hovercraft retrieving bodies, which was great. I remember being bummed they didn't include that in the first movie.
Did I mention Cinna? :crying
Jennifer Lawrence's acting throughout was great. But how she expressed such a change in emotion at the end was brilliant.
Go see it as soon as you can.
And . . .
May the odds be ever in your favor!