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Thread: The Book Thief

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    Re: The Book Thief

    Quote Originally Posted by AZChristian View Post
    Bearcata - Did you think that there were moments in the film that felt kind of like "The Diary of Anne Frank" from the German point of view? Someone on IMDB commented similarly to your comment, asking "What was the point?"

    Click to see Spoiler:
    Someone else responded that it was a movie that showed that people can come through horrendous things and move on to live successful lives. I think that's what I related to . . . I didn't live through a war, but my early life was pretty awful.
    What I really liked about the movie is seeing Liesel's life and the life of ordinary German people and how such a powerful political party effected them. I liked seeing that slice of life of how the people were before the war and after the war. I loved seeing the basic discipline that existed before parents made their children spoilt little godlets. I hated that the burgermiester had such control over his wife that she could not enjoy the company of a young girl. I liked that I was seeing the POV of the losers of a major international war as that is very rarely done and it gives you an understanding perhaps why people did some of the horrific things that happened during World War II. I have not read the book but I do understand it is an international best seller. It's that I feel that the director may have missed getting the basic premise of the movie across. While it was a sweet poignant movie I felt it was missing that spark, that certain something that is communicated to the audience that you just get and that is what would have made it a brilliant film.
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