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Thread: Escape Plan

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    Escape Plan

    We thought this was a lot better entertainment than "Gravity" which - for reasons I can't comprehend - topped the box office three weekends in a row.

    Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarznegger . . . old, but still fun to watch. I'm usually not good at picking up on plot twists, but there were two major ones that I figured out pretty early, but that didn't ruin the movie for me. There were still a couple of surprises left!

    The movie was well cast. Vincent D'Onofrio and Jim Caviezel were the only two other actors I recognized, but the rest of the cast was good, too.

    And Sly STILL has guns!!!!

    We gave it an 8 out of 10.

    ETA - when we got to the box office, Mr. Christian was remembering the previews, and the fact that the movie was about two guys in a prison. So he told the ticket person that we want "two senior matinee tickets for Prisoners." Luckily, I overheard him and corrected him . . . we've already seen Prisoners - TWICE. LOL.

    Also, I've used those headphones to enhance the sound the last two times I've gone to the movies. I have a slight hearing loss and tinnitus and found myself missing too much dialogue lately. The headphones have been great, and I'll probably continue to use them.
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