I didn't see the first movie as I thought it was a rather cheesy concept but I decided to see the sequel. While the first movie is based on a children's book by Ron Barrett this movie is based on an original idea not the second book in the series. The film is rated PG and 1 hr and 35 minutes long. Yes I enjoyed as an adult. The veggie animals are simply wonderful as is the little kick at Apple and Steve Jobs. Don't worry you will enjoy the film even if you don't get the inside joke. I did like that Flinn and his father finally seemed to bond as there is a nice subplot about a dad who loves his son but doesn't understand him and of a genius son who just doesn't know how to communicate with his father. I also like the main theme about it's OK about pursuing your dreams but don't forget about your friends. Stay through the initial bit of credits as their is an extra scene between Barbara and Steve the monkey. It is fun to stay and watch the credits as you see scenes/paintings of how Flinn, his friends and the veggie animals rebuild Swallow Falls.