I agree about Brad's counting....I guess you can attribute it to him playing a smart scientist...who realized that 1) people who get bitten don't die, they turn into zombies and then as a scientist wondered 2) how long does it take... Of course as a scientist he would be wondering what kind of virus could possibly reanimate the body so quickly...in less than a minute.
These zombies were explained as a disease (for those who didn't see the film)....they weren't reanimated via voodoo (or voudou).
Re Brad's hair..yeah...needs shampoo, not only conditioner, and it looked the same even before the zombies came. Definitely no temptation to run your fingers through it.
Wondering if that is part of his deal with Angelina...no sex on set, no even looking sexy on set... after all, he was with Jennifer A. when they met on a set. She knows where he is vulnerable!
The Israeli soldier was so tough and so covered up for most of the movie I wasn't sure if she was supposed to be a teenage boy or a woman. I did like that he "adopted" the boy who helped them....how very real life for them.