Will Smith and son Jaden Smith star. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan Directs.

When I first saw the trailers I thought wow, looks great can't wait to see it. Then I found out M. Night Shyamalan was directing and thought oh no, another movie destroyed.

Well, I have to admit this is the first M. Night Shymalan movie probably since Sixth Sense that doesn't suck. Yes, it doesn't suck.

It is a science fiction film set 1000 years in our future. Humans left the planet because we basically destroyed it and look how great was the recovery with no humans around. M. Night can handle set design and production on a big film. He did a good job with The Last Airbender and also here. I get that perhaps humans are much more aware of their environment and protect it much more than we do currently. The spaceship used; while a military transport, is very organic in nature and feel and with the use of products like, paper, plastic and twine as part of the structure. Well, that's what it looks like. Nice to see something else besides the stark square heavy lines of spaceship that we are used to seeing humans use in most movies. The story is more of a father and son learning to communicate with each other and expectations of how to behave in emergency situations. I do think that both Will Smith and Jaden are very wooden in this film and that there was a lost opportunity in using two good actors to the best of their ability. Considering M. Night directed this film it came out OK. I do think the critics are unduly harsh in their reviews partly because the trailers are so good that compared to the film there is something lacking. But that happens in many, many films. I also think that when Jaden's character of Kitai does the opening voice over/narration it was not well done and he mumbled quite a bit and you miss the setting up of the initial clash of humans vs aliens. Overall I was pleasantly surprised and not disappointed with this film.