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At the end of The Wrath of Khan (Star Trek #2) Spock has saved the Enterprise by restoring the warp drive and is trapped in an engine compartment room with clear walls dying of radiation poisoning. As Spock is dying, Kirk is outside the room talking to him and they have a short tear-jerking conversation. I cannot remember if it happens at this point, or in another part of the movie, but somewhere in there Kirk yells "Khaaaaaaaan!" (which is probably one of the most memorable "quotes" in all of the original movies)! IMO, this scene from #2 has a much stronger impact because Spock was dead. They had a funeral and launched his body into space. The viewer doesn't know what (if anything) will happen to him until the next movie in the franchise The Search for Spock. Unfortunately for me, when I watched Into Darkness I realized as Kirk was dying how they were going to get him back. The "comedy" of the reversed roles paired with the fact that I knew he wasn't going to be dead for long removed the sadness of the scene for me.