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Thread: Fast and Furious 6

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    Fast and Furious 6

    I was never a fan of the series as it seemed like pointless, mindless, destruction with lots of booty aimed at the 18 - 24 male with lots of disposable income. That being said, I happened to watch Fast and Furious 5 on HBO one night and thought WOW this is good and so when number 6 came along I thought I would go. While I like Vin Diesel and The Rock on my screen there was simply too much fast paced car chases especially in the beginning and through London and I simply could not follow. I do wish there was a bit more plot. I think the balance of plot and action is crucial to the longevity of this type of film. The Rock was outstanding in this film. I wish that was the case for Michele Rodriguez as she was very wooden especially when she and Dom have this great reunion scene that should have been sizzling hot, hot, hot and while Dom/Vin was Letty/Michele was not. Luke Evans as Shaw was an outstanding villain and a good villain always makes for a better movie. I did like the underlying theme of family vs precision which sorta continues to the brief epilog/spoiler featured just several seconds after the credits start rolling.

    Spoiler Alert

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    Fast and Fusrious 7 will be featuring my dreamed off testosterone sandwich of Vin Diesel, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Jason Statham as the older brother of the late belated Shaw. YUM!
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    Re: Fast and Furious 6

    I am a fan of the series, have seen them all, multiple times. Its something my hubby and I like to watch together. We went on Friday to see this one and I LOVED it. I agree, Michelle Rodriguez is very flat/wooden. The Rock was so awesome I was starting to wonder if he was actually a bad guy. I am VERY excited by the "spoiler" as I went into this thinking this was going to be that last of the series.
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