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Thread: The Croods

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    The Croods

    Absolutely fabulous A+. Best movie I have seen this year.

    I had heard the ads comparing it to Avatar and I blew that off as exaggerated advertising but I think it is very comparable to the world created in Avatar and I saw it in 2D. Luv'ed the character design. The story is something that we are all familiar with but done very well and with a couple of really neat twists. It is a family story, a love story of a father and daughter, a story of a child becoming an adult and leaving their family. You can relate to this as a great family movie, as a great date movie, and just as a great film to see. It is funny and smart and the lead heroine, Eep, is a great role model. It works on many levels. It is smart and funny and I laughed and I cried. I also waited for the end of the credits as there is a cute little scene with the elephant nosed mice but you won't miss anything if you don't stay to the very end.

    Nicholas Cage was excellent as the father, Grug. He soften his voice that I almost did not recognize it. Best acting he has done in a very long time.

    It is 98 minutes and rated PG. Highly recommended.
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    Re: The Groods

    The reviews I've read really praise Emma Stone as Eep, the daughter. They also said it raised some interesting "miscegenation" issues since it seemed as if the core family, and Eep, were Neanderthals and her boyfriend looked more like homo sapiens.... how much interbreeding there was is still a hot anthropological issue.... Or maybe it's a class issue...after all, the boyfriend had fire and her family didn't!

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