Watched in On Demand and must say it was much better than I expected. I know the critics did not like it but compared to some of the recent action releases it was quite good. I do think is ran a bit long and it would not hurt to have maybe 10 or so minutes edited out as it seemed a bit slow in the beginning. I know Taylor Kirsch who is the lead Alex Hopper has been criticized for being in some substandard films John Carter (of Mars) and this one but he actually does a fair job here and seems more present and a stronger presence in this film than in John Carter. I do think the weakest actor was the singer Rhianna. Did she really need to be in this film? I do think this movie will do well in On Demand and in the rental market. I do think it is OK for young kids 8-10 age range maybe even younger because the blood and guts is very minimal as well as the swearing. In fact every time any one sweared there was a special effects explosion.