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    This is about out of theaters now, but I just saw it and thought it was very enjoyable...kind of a (humorous, believe it or not) buddy road trip movie through cancer. I've liked the star since he played a teen on 3rd Rock from the Sun. I'm not sure how people who've lost someone to cancer would feel about it, but for those who've survived or who are going through it now, and even more importantly, their significant others, it can provide some teachable moments I think.
    Interested to hear what others thought ... maybe I am way off.

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    I saw the movie opening weekend and I thought the acting was superb. The movie covered the whole range of emotions that I have in relation to cancer. I had a hard time watching parts as it reminded me of a good friend who died when he was only 22. His humor that he had when fighting cancer was a lot like the humor present in the movie.
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