I am always up for a Three Musketeers movie and the trailers made this one look great. I am thinking that the producers and director wanted to get the fanbase for Pirates of the Carribean and perphaps Downy's Sherlock Holmes films. Tell the story but with a twist making it rather modern and refreshing. In this case stealing Leonardo Da Vinci's plans for a flying airship from the Italians. The film opens with a big bang and I had a really good feel about it. It loses momentum about halfway through the film though. The set designs and costumes are fabulous. I liked Mila Javovich as Milady DeWinter. She is best known for her Resident Evil roles and it was nice to see her in something else. I think the weakest acting was done by Logan Lerman who plays the pivotal role of D'Artagnan. They really needed someone with some acting chops. The other issue I had with the film is that the actors playing Athos and Aramis look so alike that it was hard to tell them apart and to top that off they look so similiar to Orlando Bloom you are thinking, "Oh cool, it's Orlando Bloom". Then the real Orlando Bloom appears playing Lord Buckingham and he looks like a charactiture of himself. There is a bit of an extra scene setting itself up for a sequel. Not too bad an introduction to The Three Musketeers for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.