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I really thought the start of the book with the back-story about Blomkvist on the boat with his friend about Wennerstrom was cut; it was long and kind of dull. I was THRILLED they cut out the whole Cecilia/Blomkvist affair. It made him out to be almost a Larry Stu with his ability to bed women with no rhyme or reason (which, in the movie, would have been a bit mitigated by the character being played by Craig, who is more attractive than what I envisioned). I really liked the active "showing" and not just "telling" of how Lisbeth did the investigation into the old murders. The truncation of the end of the Harriette story didn't bother me, nor did leaving out the month of Lisbeth & Blomkvist at his cabin writing up the Wennerstrom story, because the last 100 pages of the book were fairly small on action. For that, I wish Larsson had been alive & willing to get into his editor's office. And as an aside, I liked that they stuck with the Macs that were so, so overly described in the book and that the characters really did eat freaky open-faced sandwiches and coffee all the damn time. After I pointed that out to my viewing companions at breakfast, we laughed every time it was on screen.