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Thread: The Debt

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    The Debt

    Helen Mirren . . . as wonderful as ever.

    Jessica Chastain . . . proves herself as the best young actress to come along in years.

    The rest of the cast . . . good.

    The story . . . okay, I really don't "get" most political intrigue plots. I only watched the Bourne trilogy because I like Matt Damon, and I love my husband, and hubby enjoys these films. He usually has to explain them to me later. We talked about "The Debt" all the way home, and I still had to do some Googling to figure out what some of the key plot points were. Shoot . . . I couldn't even figure out what "The Debt" meant until I looked it up.

    But even so, I enjoyed the performances, and will probably watch it again when it comes out on DVD . . . just to see if I can understand it a little better.

    I give it 4 out of 5, mainly because of Mirren and Chastain.

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    Re: The Debt

    I saw it today and really enjoyed the thrill ride of it. There have been some reviews that have suggested Jessica Chastain was a bit to wary in her performance of the young Rachel, but (not to be spoiler-ish) to be given the circumstances a 25 year old woman had to go through on her first field assignment, I felt it fitting, especially for THAT kind of assignment. That the 30 years later Helen Mirren was stronger was no surprise.

    The finale had me literally cringing in my seat. The older cast is time proven, but Sam Worthington was great...much better than in Avatar by leagues. I don't recall Marton Csokas in anything, but he embodied what I thought the young Tom Wilkinson should be.
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