My Sig. Other and I went to this today. A total visual love story to Paris---the kind of thing Woody Allen is famous for doing for NYC. Also great music from the 20's---Cole Porter, etc. And a very "straight" role for Owen Wilson, who I always think of a surfer/slacker dude ... who knew he could actually act! There are a million well known people in this, playing a million well known people from the 1920's...not in any depth...kind of the Cliff Notes versions of themselves...artists, dancers, writers, etc. That said, I thought the message at the end was a bit sledgehammery, and there were several plot holes. But overall a good pleasant way to spend an evening with your peers, if your youngest peer is about 40---I bet Owen Wilson has NEVER played to such an old audience in his life! Of course it was a 5:30 showing, but still.... Afterwards my Sig. Other said that Wilson was playing the Woody Allen role, and it was dead on---he even sounded like Woody in his speech mannerisms. On on the plus side, he's better looking than Allen ever was, so it isn't so bizarre when attractive women are interested in him!