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Thread: Bruce Almighty - 05/23

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    I rented the movie this weekend, and watched it yesterday. It had some good parts, but I didn't enjoy it as much as some of you apparently did.
    That's why it's better to see it in theaters when you don't go into the movie expecting it to be hilarious.

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    I enjoyed it at home as well . Jennifer Anniston was kind of a non entity in it , but then Carrey is hard to compete with on screen , even for Mrs Pitt.

    It could have been better I agree , but funny. I still bought the dvd though. (The Buffalo Sabres scenes and the dog make me crack up )

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    Bruce Nolan

    Bruce Almighty - Incredible "YAHOO - Start sound"

    Hey people!...

    Everybody who watched the famous movie called "Bruce Almighty" like and loved it very much!

    My question is: you know, Bruce started to archive his prayers on a computer system to manage them all easier. So you hear a very interesting welcome-sound at the beginning.

    It sounds like the "YAHOO! - Sound" of YAHOO.COM but - at this movie it sounds "YAHWEE" or something like that.

    I just looking hardly for this soundfile on the Internet.
    My problem is that I can't find it anywhere...

    If anybody could help me and own or found it, so please mail me the sound file or the link where i can download it.

    It would be very helpful and cool if!

    OK, just wish you a very cool day and so on...

    Forever yours, Bruce Nolan ( aka God ;-) )

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    The sound is "Yahweh", which if I'm not mistaken and my "Raiders of the Lost Ark" lore holds water, is the ancient Hebrew name for God.

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    Yes, it's YHWH or Yahweh (you can see how Jehovah (in greek Iehovah) is a degradation of Yahweh. It is actually the proper name for God that at one point was actually forbidden to say.

    Just search for YHWH and you should find plenty

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