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Thread: Megamind

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    I normally don't go to see over-hyped movies especially if they are mainly targeting young children But it was Veteran's Day and nothing else to see so I went. Wow, what a pleasant surprise. This is the second movie this year I would give an A to. Yes, you can take the kids to see it, but it is also for adults. No foul language, no blood and guts. Just Will Farrell doing an amazing job of playing the bad guy who suddenly loses the main purpose of his life. I saw this film in regular 2D (I refuse to pay a surcharge for 3D and to wear those stupid glasses). It was simply great. I love a super villain who picks great music to accompany his evilness.
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    Re: Megamind

    We took our children and a two of their friends to see this last weekend. Both boys and girls said it was "awesome".
    I felt the same as you, Bearcata - a pleasant surprise describes it perfectly, and I loved the music (but I'm such a dork that I was worried about the language in some of the songs ).
    I also enjoyed trying to figure out those peculiar pronunciations.
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    Re: Megamind

    My boyfriend and I saw this last week in Imax 3d, I loved it but he wasn't as crazy about it. He said the beginning dragged on and it got better at the end but I honestly didn't know what he was talking about. lol I thought it was great all the way through.

    I thought Will Ferrel was excellent! Usually when super-famous people voice animated characters it takes me right out of the cartoon but it wasn't that way with Megamind, I was worried that it might be because I love Will Ferrel and Tina Fey so much.

    I would definitely recommend it.

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