Beautiful 3D animation film. I did see this film in 2D and it was terrific. I am sure it is even more amazing in 3D. This film is based on a series of children's books and the animators did a terrific job of bringing it to life. They did not over kill any of the scenes making it obvious how they would look using 3D glasses. I personally liked the story, about a young owlet kidnapped with his brother to become slave labor for an evil owl who is determined to rule all. Young Soren, a bit of a dreamer, has a wonderful relationship with his younger sister, is the hero of the tale. I do like that the film is very family orientated and there are various messages about sibling rivalry, jealousy and consequences within the film. There are some very dark messages about war and its consequences and how legends only tell you about the glory of a fight and not the hell of it. Still I do think younger children and parents can sit through this and depending on your age level get the different messages from the film. Some may find the Australian accents a bit difficult to understand. As a side note to True Blood fans: Ryan Kwatzen, who plays Jason Stackhouse on the HBO series, plays Soren's jealous older brother, Kludd.