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Thread: Killers

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    Rated PG 13 with Ashton Kucher, Katherine Heikle and Tom Selleck. Went with my sib, 12 yr old niece and 14 yr old family friend. I loved it. It was funny. Katherine and Ashton have a really nice chemistry together. Their were really nice moments of them as a loving couple without being too graphic or mushy. Basically a story about a assassin/spy who wants to retire and have a normal life in suburbia. While very suave and competent at his job, Kucher is not a ladies man and that is very refreshing watching him interact with Katherine H. I do think that the movie really does take huge hits against suburbia and HOA's and noisy neighbors who are a bit Stepfordish and I totally appreciated that aspect of the movie. I must admit I also had loads of fun checking out Katherine's hair and clothes and so did the girls that were in our group. I do think the twist at the end was telegraphed a bit and that it got a bit silly with all the killers coming out of the woodworks. But over all, I totally enjoyed the film. The film was light hearted, had a couple of messages and I laughed alot. It was great that I could take 2 generations of people to see this film and we all had a great time.
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    Re: Killers

    I'm looking forward to seeing this one...glad to hear you enjoyed it!
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