Just saw and thought wow, really, really funny and I loved it. Originally, I thought this would be a teen flick spoof based on the Spiderman movies and in some sense it is. The house the main character lives in is a ringer for Peter Parker's house and some of that echoes with the wannabe hero training in alley ways. But then the story departs to more of a Kill Bill style of film. I was very surprised to see that this film was rated R - ( for the violence) when I bought my ticket. This film was only in the big theaters for about a 2 week run. The trailers were misleading as they did sorta indicate it was more of a kid's film instead of the two genre film it actually was. I do think the promoters totally missed who to target this for. Not too much bad language or sexual scenes. Lots of violence though. The last fight scene can be very disturbing as it does show an adult male brutally beating a young girl.