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Thread: Clash of the Titans -2010

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    Clash of the Titans -2010

    A good B movie. The pegasus's wings are really done well. Meduso looks good too. If Sam Worthington had played the the character of Jake Sully with as much depth and emotion as he played Perseus in Clash of the Titans, Avatar would have been a much better picture. Sam Worthington coasted through Avatar with doing no acting at all. Which is a shame.

    Anyway back to COTT. Glad I did not pay full price. If on the Syfy Channel this is an A+ movie but in regular theaters it rates a B or B-. I can see renting it and it would be fine on a flat screen. Oh, saw the 2D version not the 3D. Glad I saved the money.
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    Re: Clash of the Titans -2010

    I'd read reviews about how it wasn't filmed in 3D and how the studio'd gone back and changed it retroactively, so we went to see it in 2D as well. DH and I both agreed that we were glad we saved the money. [We'd rather go back and see How to Train Your Dragon in 3D again!]

    As you mentioned, I thought it was a good B/C movie. Good action movie but that was about it. I was disappointed that they made Pegasus black but I'm guessing that was because the wings looked silly on the white horses they showed?? I also didn't like how they changed the story from
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Perseus falling in love with Andromeda to him falling in love with Io.
    But maybe that's b/c I studied the Classics in college and I'm a stickler for accuracy. Medusa was pretty cool; we were trying to figure out who played her. All in all, good movie if you're looking for action.
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    Re: Clash of the Titans -2010

    well, unfortunately we paid the $$ to see in 3-D which was totally not worth it. COTT was filmed in 2-D and sloppily upgraded to 3-D postproduction and it shows.

    Probably a B- overall. Story-wise, I loved the original for its hammy fun. This was darker and drearier but still had some good action sequences and set design. Sam Worthington was also nice eye candy as was the gorgeous black Pegasus.

    Liam Neeson (Zeus) was largely wasted but Ralph Fiennes (Hades) chewed his scenery quite well with a raspy whisper.

    If you must see it in the theater, definitely do not bother with 3-D.
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