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Thread: Remember Me - Mar. 12 - Rob Pattinson

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    Re: Remember Me - Mar. 12 - Rob Pattinson

    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetRTWatcher;3856803;

    ETA - Just went to Netflix and was reading the description and for a second I could have sworn it said the director was Ann Coulter!! I was thinking I would have to boycott until I re-read and it says Allen Coulter!
    That could be Ann's more conservative brother.

    (wink, wink)

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    Re: Remember Me - Mar. 12 - Rob Pattinson

    Heading out for a 3rd time to see this movie, I really love it. The subject matter stays with you. Lately, more and more reviews have been positive, there is a bit of a backlash from the horrible, harsh reviews.

    At first, “Remember Me” seems founded in cliché. Take, for instance, the whole scenario in which boy asks girl out on a bet and then proceeds to fall for her. Sound familiar? While used in an overwhelming number of romantic comedies, the storyline is adapted here. Tyler is far from the popular kid at school asking out the geek, and the pair seems a likely couple, as they both come from similarly horrific backgrounds.

    The acting itself throughout the film is above par. Pattinson gives a gripping performance as Tyler, a chain-smoking alcoholic haunted by the death and devastation of his family. While the moody character may not seem new to “Twilight” fans, Pattinson gives Tyler an entirely new dimension, showing once and for all that the boy can act. Pattinson shines through the awkward moments with Ally and the sentimental walks with Caroline. The life that Pattinson brings to his character is moving, especially when seen through the juxtaposition of these two important relationships.
    The Badger Herald: ArtsEtc.: You’ll definitely ‘Remember’ this movie

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