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Thread: From Paris with Love

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    From Paris with Love

    I really was looking forward to seeing a decent action film. I was truly disappointed with Legion and hoped this film with John Travolta would be better. Wow, this is a good action film. It actually rises above the action film formula and is a good film. John Travolta has a great time as Charlie Wax, a bald tough CIA operative who solves his mission by shooting everyone and everything. During downtimes he boings the local hooker. But all is not as it seems. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (he plays Henry VIII in cables The Tudors) is the main character and the story is driven by his desire to become a field operative. He is assigned to drive Charlie around town. Talk about opposites. JRM is cool, intellectual, and reserved. Everything that Charlie is not. There is a really cool twist at the end. I think the film also pokes fun as politicians, and maybe Hilary Clinton in particular.

    Lots of bangs and bams. Surprisingly not too bloody or gory.
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    Re: From Paris with Love

    I wasn't sure if I would see this, I love JRM and was curious but it's not my usual taste in movies.

    I'll give it a try on DVD.

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    Re: From Paris with Love

    Excellent movie. Travolta played terrific. Depict keyed crank succeeded. The plot of course secondary. Again, these agents, conspiracies. It is better to look like two men running around with a vase of heroin

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