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Thread: The Wolfman

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    The Wolfman

    Excellent film, deserves a A. The film was beautifully crafted. The deary atmosphere of Blackmoor and the Talbot house were spot on. Anthony Hopkins was mesmerizing as the loving father and the total bastard who would send his young son to a Victorian insane asyslum to protect himself. Initially I did not like Benicio Del Tor who plays the main character Lawrence Talbot but he did grow on me. It was also nice to see a current film not depending totally on its CGI to create it's monsters.

    Might be a bit too intense for children under 8.
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    Re: The Wolfman

    I'm really glad to hear a good review!! I have been looking forward to this file, but read a couple of lukewarm reviews the other day.

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    Re: The Wolfman

    ok i will watch and tell my opinoin

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